Jon Hosford has been passionately involved in the antique shotgun community for many years as a collector and gunsmith. In 2006 while doing work on a set of barrels he discovered the need for a better barrel wall gauge. He designed and built what is now the Hosford & Co. Shotgun Barrel Wall Thickness Gauge. Next, he began designing and building custom display stands for private gun libraries. As his gunsmithing began to take over more of his time he began noticing many more shortcomings in the tools he was buying and using. Turning to his years of experience in metal fabrication, he began designing and manufacturing tools that were reliable and easy to use. These tools are perfect for anyone from the high volume professional gunsmith to the smaller scale amateur hobbyist. 

With new ideas and designs always being developed, the Hosford & Co. line is an ever expanding resource for those who share our passion for the world of antique and unique shotguns.